Lord High Priest Zephyr (Deceased)
Former head of the church of Karellon

The former head of the church of Karellon. Highly respected until the events commonly known as the Zephyr incident. He is presumed to have been killed at the end, but his body was never found.

Lady pallavicino

Lady Eurydice
Lord of House Ptolemia

She is by far the oldest living Great House Lord. A mother of many children, she is the head of a sprawling family tree that make up the Ptolemia heirs. Her many children, grand children, and great grand children fight among themselves for dominance, and a chance at succeeding her as the future Lord of House Ptolemia

Lady Astraia
Heir of House Ptolemia, Sponsor of the Party

Lady Astraia’s Researcher

Lord Hektor
Heir of House Ptolemia, Cousin of Lady Astraia

Shady Merchant of Thebes, Rival of Timoleon

Trying to “teach the PCs a lesson”, Crime Boss of Thebes?


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