Rasha, Human Myth

Rasha, the god of shadow hated the light with all his being. So one day, he decided to block out the sun.

The people of the land cried out for help, and the gods heard them. All of the gods came together to face to face it. Through their combined might, they cast him out of this world, and banished him to the world beyond.

But the gods were too late. The forest burned, the fields were ravaged, the countryside was in flames, and clouds of ashed blocked out the sun. The air became toxic, crops would not grow, the people thought they were doomed.

So the gods used their power. They founds what people they could, and gathered them together. They poured out all their essence to give them fresh air, to make crops grow.

In time, the flames died down, and the clouds disappeared, but the gods had used up so much of their power that they could not walk the world anymore. So they went to the heavens to rest. But even to this day, they still watch over us.

Rasha, Human Myth

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