Lemuria has a monotheistic official religion, based on the worship of the god Karellen and his six disciples. For most of Lemurian history, the church of Karellen was a branch of the monarchy, until 300 years ago, when the monarchy lost all official power and the House Lords became the effective rulers. As part of a treaty, the Church became its own independent organization.

Karellen: God of magic, creator of the Eladrin and all other life on earth. His creed is To Protect. Protect those you care about, protect those who depend on you, protect those who need it, protect everyone from harm. Karellen color is white, expressing his power as radiant light.

The six Disciples

Nesoi: Comfort, Nesoi offers a soothing presence. A reminder that no matter how dark things will get, everything will still be alright if you have faith. If you are sick, she will offer healing, and encourages the devout to do the same. If you have nowhere to turn, she will be there to help you. Nesoi’s color is yellow, and is the patron of House Ptolemia. From this, she is often associated with the desert, where someone would need her comfort the most.

Aether: Her color is green, and is the patron of House Cassander

Nyx: Her color is purple, and is the patron of House Lysimachus

Thalassa: Her color is orange, and is the patron of House Mycenae

Erebos: His color is blue, and is the patron of House Seleucos

Phanes: His color is red, and is the patron of House Praxis


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