Library logs

Chatlogs of previous visit to the restricted library.

They walk through, after a short hallway, they come to a room, the roof goes as far as they can see, its almost like a tower

On the edges at each floor, always split out in every direction
Zwei: O.O
Zwei: “this is a big room.”
Circius: “wow…”
Circius: “I think this is just part of it…. there are entrances to here on the other side of the spire”

  • Zwei looks up to Syl, “Better here? It’s like a warded room… And like nobody else is here.”
    Its almost completely quite, not a peep from anyone but yourselves, then a light magical buzzing, and you see a glowing orb fly out of one of the hallways, then upward
    The orb stops several floors up, near a bookcase, and then shines a light on it
    “Stupid mischievous fox… I swear, if she gets Sylvina in trouble-”
    Circius: “I heard about those! I can’t believe they’re still working. They index this place”
    Zwei: ?
  • Sylvina opens her eyes and notices she ridding Zwei, “Uh… ya. It did get really quite all of a sudden. Why am I riding you?”
    Circius: “They scan books for words and keep an index of it, they make it possible to actually find stuff here”
    Zwei: “Cause you were like zoned out.”
    Zwei: “And the guards are more likely to remember a pixy riding a fox then who was with them.”
    Sylvina: “Was I…. huh, I was listening to all of you then…. ya I guess I was, odd.”
    Circius: “Just image all the secrets in here…”
    Circius: “Just waiting to be discoverd”
    Zwei: “So… how do you use the index thinggy?”
    Circius: “Catch up to one I think”
    Circius: “It stopped moving after scanning that bookcase”
  • Circius points at the orb hovering several stories up. Eech floor is accessable as only a narrow balcony, with ladders
    Zwei: 0.0
    Sylvina: “Oh wow.”
  • Search Node placed token for it
    Zwei: “Sadly… not going to be able to climb a ladder like this…”
    Phoenicias: “Can’t you fly?” looks at syl
    Sylvina: “Just sort of along the ground, if I fly up to far I just end up falling.”
    Zwei: “Well… Hmm..”
    Vega: “Quit being babies”
  • Vega walks up to a ladder
  • Zwei poofs back, had a Syl on sholders
  • Zwei also goes to latter and starts climbing
    Zwei: x.x
  • Phoenicias follows behind zwei
  • Zwei is, in fact, kinda not good at climbing lots
    Athletics: Rolled 9.
    Zwei strugges, but Phenicias helps push her up
    Circius: “Just one more floor…”
  • Zwei climbs more
    Zwei: x.x
    You finally reach the node
    Endurance: Rolled 18.
    Circius: “I belive these are just like the ones in the public library, except more featureful”
    Circius: “I recall hearing they even have a bulliten board system built in that librarians could use to keep notes and communicate”
    Circius: “Its…hey!”
    Sylvina: “Who even desigend this room was out of there minds…”
    Circius: “somone wiped the boards!”
    Phoenicias: “Probably”
    Circius: “aww…but at least the search function still works”
    Circius: “Wanna search?”
  • Circius stares at the others
    Sylvina: “Sure… what did you want to look up?”
  • Circius looks at zwei
    Circius: “giving you a chance before I do the honors”
  • Zwei frowns
    Zwei: “Err… Hmm… Well, everything here is rare right?”
    Circius: “Yup”
    Circius: “The book cases might not even allow you to take the books very far away”
    Zwei: “Wonder if they have something on Nesoi without yellow.”
    Circius: “Hmmm”
    Circius: ./me starts typing
    Circius: “any specific color?”
    Circius: “Other then yellow?”
  • Sylvina scans the books on the shelf’s she can see
    Zwei: “white?”
    Circius: “Nesoi white hair”
  • Circius searches
    The orb sputters up
    After a few minutes of searching, it displays an entry
    Circius: “Ah, this is the coordinates of it”
    Zwei: “There is?”
    Circius: “It has a map too”
  • Circius displays the map
  • Zwei hopes it’s not too many more latters
    A holographic map projects, it displays several different towering rooms like this one throughout the spire, all connected by a series of snaking hallways at all floors, along with many of hallways jutting off on their own
    Zwei: 0.0
    It emphasizes that this room is just a small part of the whole library
    Zwei: "this is a really really really big library
    Sylvina: “Ya, I guess so.”
    Circius: “Here it is”
    Circius: “Up a few more floors, and down….that hall over there” points
    Zwei: “Obviously they should have some scholar ghost…”
    Zwei: “Cause they can like float spookly around instead of climb.”
  • Zwei frowns
  • Circius starts climbing and walking
    Sylvina: “Or at least some portals or some thing to make getting around easir.”
  • Zwei takes notes
    Circius: “I thought I heard they got disabled when zephyr vanished”
    Circius: “Wow…” points at a nearby bookcase
    Sylvina: “Of course…”
    Circius: “These aren’t even really books, this case is full of peoples journals”
  • Zwei follows if Cir is going to lead
    Circius: “So the diary of somone from like…3000 years ago”
    Zwei: “That’s… tragic.”
    Zwei: “And kinda not nice of him.”
  • Zwei stares
    Zwei: 0.0
  • Zwei pouts in thought, “So… um… how long till they do something bout that key we have?”
    Circius: “A small sliver of somones history, almost lost forever if not preserved by the church”
    Vega: “That guy looked like he was going to hit the hay soon”
    Vega: “He won’t notice until tomorrow at the earliest”
    Vega: “And he looked like a complete ditz”
    Vega: “He’d think he dropped it in the toilet or something first”
  • Sylvina giggles
    Zwei: “But they will like… cancel it?”
    Zwei: “Cause… Tethis would love this place… like… super love.”

Phoenicias: “Eventually probably”

Circius leads you on, down the halls, and stops at a bookcase
Circius: “Here”

  • Circius pulls out a book
    Circius: “Oh, did I mention? The node gave me a page number”
    Circius: “Several”
    Sylvina: “Very convient.”
    Circius: “although, we may have missed other books like this”
    Circius: “The node said it was only able to search %17 of the books”
    Sylvina: “I… I see….”
    Circius: “Look!”
    Zwei: ?
  • Zwei looks
    The book reads: The dream figure sad their peacefully, covered in an aura of yellow, not even noticing me. In time, I began to notice something peculior. Yellow was not her physical color, it was the glow of her aura. Beneath it all, I could make out pale skin, and hair of white
  • Zwei O.O
    Zwei: “Sounds similar…”
    Circius: “It seems like the author was trying to project his dreams”
    Circius: “Focusing on the sigil of Nesoi, and that is what he saw”
    Zwei: “Well, to be fair, she did have a kinda thing about her… but I’d not have put it as a yellow thing… Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.”
    Circius: “Its dated…2464 years ago”
    Zwei: 0.0
    Sylvina: ‘Well then…"
    Zwei: v.v
    Zwei: “How long ago did the moon actually blow up?”
    Circius: “Never?”
    Circius: "I’ve read nothing about the moon blowing up"
    Circius: “Only just from you guys”
    Sylvina: “Hmmm… maybe a differnt moon blew up?”
    Circius: “Second moon?”
    Sylvina: “Or a moon from a diffent world.”
    Zwei: “Err… Ioli said it was long ago…”
    Circius: (stupid maptools font making uppercase i look like lowercase L )
    Circius: “Search for it?”
    Circius: ( =P )
    Zwei: (( But Ioli isn’t a loli ))
    Circius: Iole actually
    Circius: iole
    Zwei: (( If they don’t currently have a hello my name is tag I will mess up their names ))
    Circius: =P
    Sylvina: “Can’t hurt, just depends on how far back the colection go’s.”
    Circius: “Oldest would be all primoridial”
    Circius: “and from what I hear, a dialect of primordial thats really hard to read”
    Circius: “I’d need magical help for those v.v”
    Zwei: “Well, we can look to see if it knows of one that is in like a live language…?”
    Zwei: “I mean, do you know stuff that happened 2000 years ago?”
    Circius: “I do know plain primordial though, so …I think I can get you as far back as 4000, maybe 5000?”
    Circius: “I’ve never tried reading anything that old though”
    Sylvina: “It’s a place to start at least.”
  • Circius wanders down the hall looking for another node
    The hallway splits, and you see another one, floating in the middle
    Circius: “Ok, ok, what specific words, and in prmordial right?”
    Zwei: “Well, You’d think a second moon exploding would be a big deal right?”
    Sylvina: “One would think any moon exploding would be a big deal.”
    Phoenicias: “yes”
    Zwei: “So there ought to be at least a few books on it?”
    Circius: “in theory”
    Circius: “Second moon? Exploding moon? Broken moon?”
    Zwei: “The last one said how many? So just do like generic second moon?”
    Circius: “second moon…. jiilral welun”
    The node churns for a few minutes, then displays a few results
    Circius: “Not that many”
    Circius: “Huh? Auto translate? It translated it into modern elven and pulled one of the results from something new”
    Circius: “the others are old”
    Zwei: “Something new?”
    Zwei: “That sounds super suspicious!”
    Circius: “One of the books is less then 100 years ago”
    Circius: “title sounds like an archeology book”
  • Zwei frowns for a sec
    Sylvina: “Still might be worth looking at even if it’s only theorys and ideas.”
    Circius: “Want the new or old ones first?”
    Zwei: “Wierd question… do you often have like… falling.. things hit the ground like rocks and stuff from the sky?”
    Zwei: “New one, cause it’s suspicious.”
    Circius: “No?”
    Zwei: “Ah… so it’s probably recent.”
    Circius: “The modern book is closer”
  • Circius leads
    She leads the group to one of those towers rooms, and up a few floors
    Circius: “Here it is”
  • Zwei is x.x from all the walking and climbing
    Zwei: “This would be so much easier if Karen was here…”
    Book: From these ancient murals recently found in Antium, you can clearly see two crecent moons in the sky. This doesn’t appear just once either, multiple pictures depicted something similar, easily seen as a second moon
    Circius: “These ruins are estimated to be over 7000 years old”
    Zwei: x.x
    Zwei: “That’s a long time…”
    Sylvina: “My, you’ve been around awile havent you Zwei….”
    Zwei: v.v
    Zwei: “.. ya….”
    Circius: “the next book is…” looks up
  • Circius points near the top of the ‘tower’ room
    Circius: “all the way up there”
    Zwei: “… hmm.. you think.. it could have blown up to the future?”
    Sylvina: “Or you expericenced a memeroy fragment.”
    Zwei: “But… all these rocks are falling from the sky now”
  • Sylvina shrugs
    Zwei: “And you fell too right?”
    Sylvina: “Ya….”
    Sylvina: “But I didnt have the moon blow up in my face to get here, I just fell though the ground.”
    Zwei: “And you tripped over a rock?”
    Karin: (( Argh, restarting… ))
    JeffG is disconnected.
    JeffG has connected.
    Sylvina: “I didnt trip over it, it was sitting in the ground, with lots of birds with red eyes around it.”
    Zwei: “Well, you picked it up before coming here?”
    Sylvina: “I didnt even pick it up, I grab it then got pulled in to the ground.”
    Zwei: “Ya… um… remember how my sword was a kinda key?”
    Zwei: “What if these rocks are bits of the moon.. and they are acting like stronger keys to here?”
    Sylvina: “I guess that makes sense, doesnt explain how a part of this places moon got to the place I’m from.”
    Zwei: “Cause it blew up hard enough to throw it through the different worlds? Otherwise there’d be like a lot of extra land on this world if it just fell… that’d kinda make a big explosion…”
    Sylvina: “That’s the other problem I’m having with this. If it really did explode, why is there no recored of it any were execpt a few scarted bits of information here. Some thing like that should have been put down in to the history of the world for all time.”
    Zwei: “could have dissapeared first?”
    Zwei: “I mean, I didn’t like see THIS world or anything when I was there.”
  • Zwei sighs
  • Sylvina is silent for a moment
    Zwei: “… going to have to climb a bunch of ladders…”
  • Zwei sighs, “Stupid promise….”
    Sylvina: “So some one had enough power back then to move a moon some were else before it exploded…”
  • Sylvina glances at zwei, “Hmmm…. promise?”
    Phoenicias: “And besides, I’m sure she also wouldn’t want you working yourself to starvation either”
    Phoenicias: “she merely expected she’d be there if you were”
  • Sylvina blinks
  • Zwei v.v
    Zwei: “.. but… I did promise…”
    Phoenicias: “She’d totally understand if it mean you comming to harm my not feeding”
    Circius: “huff puff”
    Circius: “Almost there…”
    Sylvina: ‘Ya, it’ll be ok."
  • Zwei climbs
    Zwei: “I’m fine till i start flickering…”
    Zwei: x.x
    After far too many ladders, you finally make it
    Circius: “Here we are… huff puff”
  • Zwei colapses on teh ground breathing heavly
    Sylvina: “Well just let me know if you need to, I mean I wanted to see you do it after you menationed you ate peoples breath.”
    Zwei: “Too many ladders…”
    Circius: “Hmm, a dreamwalker book”
    Circius: “Neat”
  • Sylvina hops to the ground as zwei colapses, “Oh dear.”
  • Zwei tires to perk up
    Phoenicias: “comon, you really should feed”
    Vega: “Your being an idiot about this”
    Zwei: “… it’s… alright… I did promise though…”
    Circius: “Here we are, translated from primordial: The dream materializes, and around me, I see the landscape. Almost like our own world, but with two moons in the sky and…a strange glowing nebular, larger then the sun”
  • Zwei sits up
  • Sylvina sighs, “It’s ok. Besides I’m not going to let any thing happen o one of my firends.”
    Circius: “Looking over the crators of the first moon, it was clar it was the same as ours”
    Zwei: “Didn’t see a glowing nebula….”
    Zwei: “… well, there was a fog?”
    Circius: “lets see… the nebular was a glowing mixture or red, orange, yellow, with the edges taking on the other colors of the rainbow”
    Zwei: “Yep, defenatly not rainbow fog…”
    Zwei: “But then again, this was before they blew up.”
    Zwei: “Perhaps the rainbow light stole it?”
    Sylvina: “Rainbow light?”
    Sylvina: “You never mentioned a rainbow light before.”
    You hear footsteps
    A black haired eladrin walks out of one of the halls on your floor
    She slowly walks towards you
  • Circius 0.0
    Zwei: “The one in the book?”
  • Librarian stares at them
  • Sylvina smiles and give a polite bow, “Hello.”
    Bluff: Rolled 27.
  • Librarian looks over at syl, then at zwei
  • Zwei acts like she totally should be in there
    Librarian: “Damage the books, you die”
    Zwei: “Well, ya, that’d be a terrible crime…”
  • Zwei totally isn’t lieing that one though
  • Librarian walks off without another word
    Zwei: “Kinda spooky, is she that guardian?”
    Circius: “I think so”
    Circius: “She use to have a dorm in the spire…but ever since Zephyr fell, she’s practicaly lived in here, keeping the houses from looting it”
    Zwei: “I mean, she fits the full vague description… She, Kills you, if you damage anything.”
    Zwei: (( And you can summon her by saying “Spooky librarian” 3x in a mirror ))
    Sylvina: “Let’s just be careful with the books then. I don’t like haivng people mad at me.”
  • Circius looks over the rail, and town the tower room
    Circius: “I don’t think I want to look for the other books…”
  • Circius is still kinda out of breath
    Phoenicias: “I’ve seen entrances from the higher floors, so I think we can get out from up here, and warp down to our dorms”
    Sylvina: “Going down is much easir then going up…. some times quicker to, but that usaly ends badly.”
    Circius: “That climb took too much out of me”
  • Circius puts away the book an starts looking for an exit
  • Sylvina looks at zwei, “You sure your ok?”
    Zwei: “… I’m sure I’ll… be okay…”
    Circius: “Over here”
  • Zwei slowly trudges over
    Circius uses the key to open the door back up, and the party is out

Library logs

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